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The Benefits of Self-Heating Packaging for Pubs

Self-heating packaging. It might not be the first thing you think of to help your pub, but imagine this. 
It’s a bustling Friday evening at your local pub and someone’s ordered bangers and mash. Absolutely timeless. The atmosphere is lively, the drinks are aplenty, and the aroma of classic British pub food beckons. But there’s a challenge — staff shortages are affecting pub operations, and your kitchen is struggling to keep up with the demand for hot food. Orders take longer to make. Kitchen space is limited. Hiring kitchen staff is expensive, so few staff are on hand. Don’t even think of energy costs. 
The solution might just be self-heated packaging – an innovation that’s rapidly becoming a favourite among pub owners.
Curious? This article digs into just how self-heated packaging could help your pub operations. Keeping scrolling to learn more 👇

1. Save on space, energy, and labour costs.

Running a full kitchen is costly, even more so when grappling with staff shortages. A recent paper found that the average pub’s labour cost percentage tends to be as high as 29%, if not higher. 
Self-heating meals reduce the need for constant kitchen staffing and heavy-duty appliances. Not to mention packaging takes up less space than large, expensive appliances. The cherry on top is that no gas or electricity is needed to heat meals, lowering your energy costs. 

2. Boost customer experience with quick, hot food.

In the dynamic world of a food pub, quick and efficient service is crucial. If research suggests you have eight minutes to serve someone a drink before they will walk out, the general consensus seems to be people will only wait 15-20 minutes for food. However, self-heated packaging ensures that pub meals are served with ease and speed in 10 minutes, without compromising on the warm, comforting quality that patrons expect from their favourite English pub food.

3. Serve hot food later into the evening.

The absence of a chef doesn’t spell the end of serving top-notch pub classics. Whether it’s shepherd’s pie, chicken tikka masala, or a warm sticky toffee pudding, self-heating packaging brings these pub food menu favourites to the table with minimal staff and effort. You can serve delicious food into the night and have a higher turnover, all while low on staff.

4. Lower your food waste.

It’s estimated that food waste costs Britain’s pub operations over £350m per year. However, with self-heated packaging, there’s no waste from huge batch cooking. Food is heated per individual order. Not to mention, some self-heated packaging companies also offer food. This means you can buy low-cost, individual food portions, rather than spending time making large amounts of food that could be thrown away.

5. Deliver tastier, juicier food.

Microwaves may be quick, but they often fall short on delivering the perfect texture and taste of classic pub food. Ovens and stoves are great, but they come with expensive bills, a lot of maintenance, and can only be used by trained staff. Self-heated packaging requires no training. They steam the food and consistently ensure that each dish is heated evenly, locking in the flavours and goodness of a hearty British pub meal. 

6. Appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

As patrons become more environmentally conscious, pubs need to adapt. A study by PWC found that 50% of consumers globally have become more eco-friendly in the past 6 months. High-quality self-heated packaging will be compostable and reusable. More than this, self-heated packaging lowers your pub’s reliance on gas and other fossil fuels. In this way, self-heated packaging is not just about serving hot pub meals; it’s also about sustainability.

7. Outdoor catering has never been easier.

Outdoor catering can be a logistical challenge, especially for pubs without the facilities for outside catering. Since they rely on incredibly hot natural reactions, self-heated packaging is the perfect ally for serving hot food faster at outdoor events, ensuring that every meal is as enjoyable in the open air as it is inside the pub. 

Key takeaways

Nosh Steamy and self-heating packaging companies are redefining pub operations with their innovative approach to serving classic pub food. For pub owners facing the dual challenge of staff shortages and the demand for quality hot food, self-heated packaging offers a convenient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution. Embrace the future of pub meals with our cutting-edge technology and watch as your pub becomes the go-to spot for the best in outdoor catering and classic pub classics. 
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Self-heated meal packaging for on-the-go convenience – enjoy hot meals 24/7 with self-heated meals.
Self-heated meal packaging for on-the-go convenience – enjoy hot meals 24/7 with self-heated meals.

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