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self heated packaging self heating packaging for pubs catering


Self-heated meals.
Heat food twice as fast.
No electricity. No gas.
Just delicious, hot meals in 6 minutes.

Serve hot food twice as fast with fewer staff.

Introducing Nosh Steamy. Meet the UK’s first self-heated meals. 
No microwaves or appliances. No electricity or gas. No training or chefs. Just add water. 
Save on labour, energy and space costs. Serve delicious hot food in minutes. 
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100% safe & reliable

Recycling icon to symbolize sustainable, eco-friendly, compostable, or recyclable packaging.

Reusable & eco-friendly

Vector illustration of a nutritious carrot self-heating meal

Delicious, diverse menu

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Serve food twice as fast

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For all dietary requirements

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Lower labour, energy & space costs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are self-heating meals?
    Nosh Steamy is a self-heating meal kit by Nosh. It uses a common chemical reaction to heat food to a safe eating temperature without the need for electricity. 
  • How do self heating meals work?
    The self-heating packaging heats food using a common exothermic reaction. The reaction causes steam to be released, heating the food quickly. Ideal for an easy, healthy meal with no risk of burning food. 
    All staff need to do is add the heatstones to the base of the Steamy and add water. Once you place the food tray on top, it only takes 6 minutes to heat! 
  • Are self-heating packs safe?
    They're absolutely safe and easy to use. No oven, microwave or stove neede, so no risk of overheating or fire.
  • Is it good for the environment?
    Nosh Steamy's outer packaging and food tray are reusable. Other parts are made of cornstarch and completely compostable. 
  • How can I order Steamy and what's the pricing?
    You can get in touch through the form at the bottom of this page or the live chat function in the lower right corner of your screen. Hurry! There is a limited amount. 
  • What menu options are available at launch?
    A wide array of international food is available. Feel free to email to find out more. 
  • When is Steamy available for purchase?
    Steamy will be available to order from February 2024, but demand is already high. Get in touch to make sure you're one of the first people to receive it.
  • Are there chemicals in the steam?
    No, the steam coming from the packaging is pure water.
  • Want to steam ahead?

    We have a limited number available and we’re taking orders for February 2024.
    Get ahead of the curve by signing up to our waiting list.

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