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Self-heated meal packaging for on-the-go convenience – enjoy hot meals 24/7 with self-heated meals.

Everybody deserves hot food.

Nosh Steamy is the UK’s first self-heating meal. Get the hot food you deserve when you need it most.
No microwave. No electricity. Just you and your favourite self-steaming meal.
Any questions? Watch this short video 👉
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100% safe and self-contained

Recycling icon to symbolize sustainable, eco-friendly, compostable, or recyclable packaging.

Eco-friendly and compostable

Vector illustration of a nutritious carrot self-heating meal

Healthy, nutritious meals

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24-hour hot food

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For all dietary requirements

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Cost-effective catering solution

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a self-heating food package?
    Nosh Steamy is a self-heating food packaging solution by Nosh. It uses a common chemical reaction to heat food to a safe eating temperature without the need for electricity. It's your go-to for 24-hour hot food.
  • How do self heating meals work?
    Pull. Heat. Eat.
    Pull the string on the package. This triggers a common exothermic reaction caused by adding water and calcium oxide, heating your food effortlessly. Ideal for an easy, healthy meal. 
  • Are self-heating packs safe?
    Absolutely. The heating elements are shielded and inaccessible to touch, ensuring safety. Additionally, the packaging is insulated to allow for secure handling. The food is heated to over 74°C, adhering to food safety guidelines.
  • Can I microwave or oven-cook Nosh Steamy?
    No. Please do not place Nosh Steamy packaging in a microwave, oven, or any other heating device.
  • Is it good for the environment?
    Nosh Steamy's outer packaging and food tray are made of cornstarch and completely compostable. The used Nosh Steamy packaging can be disposed of in general waste.
  • Is there boiling water in the Nosh Steamy?
    The water within the package isn't boiling but produces steam via an exothermic reaction. It's sealed and safe from spilling.
  • How should I store Steamy?
    Store them in a refrigerator and consume within 4 days. Don't freeze, microwave, or place in the oven.
    You an only use a self-heating meal from Nosh Steamy once.
  • How can I order Steamy and what's the pricing?
    You can get in touch through the form at the bottom of this page or the live chat function in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • What menu options are available at launch?
    Detailed menu options will be announced closer to the launch. Stay tuned for updates.
  • When is Steamy available for purchase?
    Steamy will be available from February 2024, but demand is already high. Get in touch to make sure you're one of the first people to receive it.
  • Are there chemicals in the steam?
    No, the steam coming from the packaging is pure water. The chemicals (water and calcium oxide) are completely sealed and inaccessible.
  • Want to steam ahead?

    We’re set to launch in 2024. Get ahead of the curve by getting in touch. Be one of the first people to get Nosh Steamy.

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