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Our services

It’s not one size fits all. We offer a variety of fresh food solutions to perfectly match your team’s catering needs.

Smart Vending.

A modern twist on a classic service.

Smart Fridge.

She’s not like the other smart fridges.

Nosh Steamy

The UK's first self-heated meals!
Microwaves are so 70s. Simply pull a string and your meal will heat.
Pull. Heat. Eat.

Smart Market.

Your friendly neighbourhood micro market.

Smart Delivery.

Just looking for food? We do that, too.

Custom Solutions

Not quite what you were looking for? We’ll do our best to cook up an innovative, off-menu solution for you.

Whatever your team has a taste for, we’ll find it.
Product specification visual representation of 24-hour hot food vending solutions

Still deciding?

No problem! Download our comprehensive product spec and savour every bit of information about our fresh food solutions.

Get Nosh.

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Get Nosh.

Ready to spice things up? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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Craving contact? Reach out to us and find out more about using Nosh.