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Hived finds 24-hour and late night food solution

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The company
The challenge
Our solution
Why Nosh?

Key Facts:

Number of employees: 100+

Industry: Delivery network

HQ: London


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This 24/7, zero-emissions delivery network uses Nosh’s healthy food vending to:

  • Feed over 100 employees with 24-hour food
  • Boost morale and productivity
  • Remain sustainable and eco-friendly

How did they do it? Keep reading to learn more. 👇

The company

Hived is a zero-emission delivery network revolutisioning parcel distribution. Their goal? To be cleaner and more affordable than today’s largely fossil-fuelled delivery services. Backed by Maersk, Hived operates a 24-hour distribution facility with over 100 staff members.

The challenge

To fulfil its vision and make inner-city parcel delivery greener, Hived needs a healthy and energetic team. That’s where Nosh stepped in. They wanted an affordable, convenient workplace food solution that could feed staff around the clock.

They were looking for a solution that was:

  • Affordable
  • Sleek and space-efficient
  • Going to provide enjoyable, nutritious meals
  • Able to feed staff quickly on 30-minute breaks
  • Eco-friendly and unattended

Our solution

Nosh delivers healthy meals to staff through fresh food vending machines.

To meet Hived’s requirements, we recommended they use one of our smart fridges with an addition microwave. This unattended solution means the Hived team can now store 60 fresh meals on-site.

Nosh produces breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Hived was most interested in our hot meals that could be enjoyed quickly by staff on 30-minute breaks. Our vast hot meal options include:

  • Chicken Teriyaki Bowl
  • Thai Red Vegetable Curry
  • Chilli and Basil Chicken
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Peri-Peri Chicken

Aligned with Hived’s green vision, Nosh’s meal packaging is eco-friendly, complete with biodegradable cutlery and a recyclable sleeve.

In the end, Nosh meals significantly improved morale and productivity, resulting in a 2% increase in package processing output. We were happy to help keep employees energised and focused throughout the day. 

Why would you recommend Nosh?

The convenience and variety of healthy, fresh food options available at our fingertips have increased employee satisfaction and morale. We’re seeing improved focus, creativity, and overall job performance.

“My team is fully satisfied,” a Hived manager explained with a smile. “Nosh’s smart vending solution has not only boosted morale, but it only occupies 1.6m x 0.85m of floorspace.”

An unattended kitchen proved to be the cost-effective solution Hived needed. Now, their staff can enjoy fresh meals during their 30-minute breaks.

The delicious Pan-Asian & European menu, on regular rotation, keeps staff happy, fulfilled and active 24/7.

Treat yourself to healthy meals 24/7 with Nosh's 24-hour hot food catering solutions. Fresh food vending, smart fridges and self-heated packaging. Healthy vending
Want a taste?

Boost motivation and productivity at your workplace with our healthy meals and non-attended solution. Help your team get ahead.

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