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Fresh Student Living enhances their student experience with Nosh’s fresh food vending machines

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The company
The challenge
Our solution
Why Nosh?

Key Facts:

Number of employees: 500+

Industry: Student Accomodation

HQ: London


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This award-winning provider of student accommodation uses Nosh’s fresh food vending service to:

  • Feed hundreds of students 24/7
  • Offer high-quality meals tailored to dietary requirements
  • Improve student experience

As for how well things are going with them… why not scroll to find out? 👇

The company

Fresh Student Living is a leading provider of student accommodation in the UK, with a focus on providing comfortable and social residential spaces. Their students love healthy and convenient meals that they can access quickly, without compromising on taste or nutrition.

The challenge

When we got in touch with Fresh Student Living, they were looking for a catering solution that could feed busy students at any time while taking dietary requirements into account. They wanted to enhance student experience with a smart vending service that offered: 

  • Delicious and nutritious meals
  • 24-hour, on-demand food
  • A stylish and compact machine design
  • An affordable, self-serviced solution

Not only this, but Fresh were looking to install the machine quickly before Christmas, to make sure that students who couldn’t get home for the holidays would have access to meals. We needed to act quickly.

Our solution

The Nosh team quickly pulled together a plan and installed one of our smart machines by the end of the year. Nosh was strategically placed in high traffic areas in Fresh Living’s communal spaces, ensuring that students could easily access food whenever they needed a quick or healthy meal. We also made sure that the machines were easy to use, with clear labelling and multiple card payment options.

Students have a variety of dietary needs and many prefer vegetarian, plant-based options made with fresh ingredients. Considering this, we made sure our fridges were stocked with gourmet meals tailored to these tastes and lifestyles.

The result was an immediate success. Fresh Living’s students appreciated the convenience of the machines and the quality of Nosh’s food. In fact, many use the machines on a daily basis. According to the students, the best meals are:

  • Sweet & Sour Tofu
  • Vegetable Thai Red Curry
  • Beef Massaman

Why would you recommend Nosh?

The convenience and variety of healthy, fresh food options available at our fingertips have increased employee satisfaction and morale. We’re seeing improved focus, creativity, and overall job performance.

“Nosh moved smoothly and swiftly once we realised that the service needed to be implemented before Christmas. All of Fresh’s needs were taken into consideration to ensure that installation ran as smoothly as possible and students who were there over the holidays were able to buy meals.”

Ultimately, the fresh food vending machines mean that students always have easy access to delicious food. Whether they come home after a late night out or simply need to grab a quick lunch before seminars begin, Nosh is there.

We’re proud to have matched Fresh Living’s commitment to excellence in the education sector

Treat yourself to healthy meals 24/7 with Nosh's 24-hour hot food catering solutions. Fresh food vending, smart fridges and self-heated packaging. Healthy vending
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Improve student experience and quality of life with our healthy meals and smart machines. Help them get ahead.

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