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Deliciously Healthy
Complete Meals
Ready To Go.

How to nosh...

Touch the screen
to light up the Nosh machine

Choose your meal
from our range of global cuisines

using our contactless

Enjoy your meal
ready to go with cutlery included

Nosh Kitchen

A dynamic unattended solution

Powered by robotics fully autonomous, simply place your order and your meal is moved to our smart rapid oven which heats your meals within minutes

IoT-enabled smart units allow for real-time stock management, curation of on-demand menus, and effective waste management

A fully managed 24/7 solution with Nosh available round the clock, our service team regularly visit to maintain the unit & deliver fresh produce

Restaurant Quality Meals encompasses global cuisines served with tissue & sustainable cutlery which is even sanitized with UV light before dispensing

A complete meal curated to meet your nutritional needs.

Behaviour around food is changing. We have gone from eating a healthy home-cooked meal sourced locally to quick meal deals or relying on apps for lunch/dinner. Nosh chefs take inspiration from cuisines around the world to prepare balanced meals that are packed with nutrition and flavour for customers to enjoy on the go.
  • Bangers and Mash

    made with pork sausages, creamy mash and veg

  • Shoyu Chicken

    served with rice, pumpkin and cabbage

  • Spaghetti Bolognese

    served with fresh pasta and basil

  • Chicken Thai Green Curry

    with aubergine, carrots and served with rice

  • Chinese Style Tofu

    served with rice and green beans


“I have spent the last 30 years gathering both Michelin/international experience and have been fortunate to share kitchens with the likes of Anton Edelman and Raymond Blanc. I am creative chef who enjoys the interplay between food flavours and textures. With Nosh I am excited to use my experience to create meals for a large audience through their innovative solution.”


“Without sounding cliché, my spark for cooking was definitely found inside my mum’s kitchen back in Thailand, she would so easily create some of the most flavoursome meals I have ever tasted. Since then, I’ve launched my own restaurant over 20 years ago – now I want to bring the flavours of Pan-Asian cuisine to a larger audience through Nosh”

Nosh Brew

A dynamic unattended solution

Powered by robotics fully automated, simply place your order, and your drink is freshly brewed with hot water or ice within minutes – it even puts the lid on the cup & adds your sugar for you! 

IoT-enabled smart units allow for real-time beverage management, the curation of on-demand menus & effective waste management

A fully managed 24/7 with Nosh available round the clock, our service team regularly visits to maintain the unit & deliver fresh supplies

Your smart barista made with quality ingredients & our coffee brewed from bean to cup, you can enjoy freshly made hot or iced drinks, including protein shakes on the go

Our Comittment

Our packaging is:

fully sustainable and 100% eco friendly

recyclable and compostable

degrades naturally, decomposing like leaves

made from an assortment of natural material

Our food is:

made with locally sourced ingredients

delivered using our partner Hived

Social Impact

We want to use our business for good. In addition to our sustainability pledge, we’ve partnered with a variety of homeless charities in the locations that we operate to provide meals that remain unsold.

Brought by the team that brought you 

Nosh has the foundation to become the UK’s leading innovative unattended retail provider, bringing to market the best new age vending solutions ready for the future! The team previously launched the UK’s leading out of home phone charging network; Joos

2,000+ locations installed across the UK
13+ cities operating a Joos network
100+ shopping centres, universities & hospitals
20+ train stations and airports onboarded with more to follow

Get Nosh.

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