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Our Carbon
Reduction Program.

At Nosh, sustainability is at the heart of our operations. As a young company established in August 2022, we are firmly committed to forging a sustainable path from our very inception. Here’s an overview of our Carbon Reduction Program:

Our Targets

  • Immediate Footprint: We’ve projected a significant reduction in our carbon emissions, aiming to decrease to 5.53 tCO2e by 2027. This represents a 37.09% reduction.
  • Beyond Neutrality: While our calculations indicate a notable decline, they don’t fully capture our ambition. By 2030, we aim to not only become carbon neutral through carbon offsetting but to further achieve a carbon-negative status by 2031.

Our Strategies

Addressing Food Insecurity
We uphold the belief that nutritious food access is a universal right. Our approach to combating food waste is holistic. All surplus food is donated to charitable organisations, ensuring no food goes to waste and simultaneously supporting our local communities.
Minimising Food Waste with Data Analytics: 
We harness the power of data-driven analytics to tailor menu offerings as per specific location demands.
This initiative has enabled us to reduce our waste by an impressive 80.5%, with our current average unsold meals standing at only 7 meals per week, all of which are donated to our charity partners.
Sustainable Packaging Choices
Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our packaging decisions. All food packaging materials are either recyclable or compostable.
We proudly announce that single-use plastics have no place in our operations. Our food packaging features the environmentally-friendly Colpac Stagione 750ml with a compostable tray. We’ve also transitioned from a laminated food sleeve to a recyclable one.
Carbon Neutrality Initiatives
By 2025, we’re planning to invest in carbon offset programs supporting global sustainability projects.

We’re looking forward to transitioning to emissions-free delivery methods in city centres to further reduce our environmental impact.
Harnessing Solar Energy
We’re gearing up to install 93 550 kwh solar panels, anticipated to generate a significant 49,500 kwh.
With this installation, we aim to completely offset our Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions by 2030.

Future Endeavours 

Our journey doesn’t stop here. We’re continuously exploring new horizons for sustainability:
  • Collaborating with The Felix Project and local food banks to achieve zero food waste.
  • Exploring further sustainable delivery and operational methods.
Still wanting more information? You can find our original and more comprehensive Carbon Reduction Plan here.

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